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The North

From sheer cliffs to the roughest sea, following the steps of St. James’ Way and the vast extension of vineyards, the north of Spain is a stunning compilation of the wildest nature. This fierceness is also seen in the people’s character that is clearly different from the rest of the country. Two own languages, Galician and Basque, highlight the richness of this area.

Just as an extension of its landscapes, the north of Spain’s climate is harsh. Rainy, cloudy and windy days are a constant in this region. However, unlike what most people may think, this weather enhances the beauty and greenness of this part of the country. Since it couldn't be any other way, the toughness of the weather makes sure the cuisine is out of this world. Cooking is understood as a real art and chefs work with authentic devotion to turn each dish into a masterpiece. It is not in vain that the finest cooks come from this part of the country.

In addition, the wines from La Rioja and Navarre, widely known around the world, accompany this extraordinary food. These wines have their own guarantee of origin and quality that ensures they are an absolute pleasure for the taste. Hundreds of small vineyards are scattered through the region and represent one of the most important revenue stream for this part of the country.

Regarding the culture and the local traditions, the north of Spain is well known for the incomparable festivity of San Fermín that colours the town of Pamplona in white and red for almost a week. Apart from the incessant activity of this festival, devotees can also find its place in St. James’ Way, the pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela that gathers every year tens of thousands of pilgrims to the doors of this astonishing building. On the other hand, the Cantabrian Sea is the perfect place to practice surf, kite surf or windsurf, while hiking or trekking can be done at the Picos de Europa. In short, the north of Spain is a land of unbelievable experiences.