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The South

The devotion, the passion, the soul… Spain’s quintessence can be found in the south where all the typical images about the country come together and are, one by one, intensified by the frenzy of its people. The flamenco and its ecstatic movements; the Sevillian Easter and its religious fervour or the Arabic inherited culture, the south of Spain gathers the most representative features of the country although they are, in essence, a representation of the region itself.

Exploring the remote spots of this part of the country is a must, where you can find the incredible whitewashed streets of Ronda, the always stunning flowering valley of Jerte or follow the steps of the last Arabic traces next to the Alhambra in Granada. The south of Spain is an enchanting part of the country, it has the so-called duende, and this is reflected in each and every corner. Spanish culture reaches its zenith in Andalucía where the Arabians left an incredible Moorish heritage.

The south of Spain is the region where the rhythm slows down and life acquires another significance. Making the most of each moment is a must for southern Spaniards that enjoy the art of living. Fine arts find their maximum expression in this part of the country, as dances, ceramics, paintings and even bullfighting are a reflection of its culture.

Any time of the year is suitable for a visit to the south of Spain. Religious festivals and other festivities are constant features in this area. From the devotion of Easter processions to the withdrawal of pilgrims during Rocío; the joy and ease of Feria de Abril in Seville to the grace of Cádiz’s Carnival. Each and every corner of this region offers the chance of feeling the essence of traditional Spain.