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Spain is a multicultural and rich country located in South–Western Europe. Any other country in the world combines in such a small surface the diversity that characterizes Spain. Stunning nature, fine arts, exceptional festivals, delicious cuisine and even any kind of activities and sports find their place in this amazing country that is a continent itself.

Moving around Spain is going from the harsh North to the passionate South; from the sheer coasts of the Cantabrian Sea to the arid fields of Castilla – La Mancha; from the brave festivities of San Fermín to the religious fervour of Corpus Christi. This is a country of contrasts but as well of richness and a wide range of options to make your visit an incomparable experience.

Spaniards meet the definition of bon-vivants as they know better than anyone the art of living the good life. Every single moment is an excuse for a celebration that ends up turning into a culinary feast. The obsession with food and wine has its explanation in the broad variety of ingredients that make each meal a treat for the palate. Creativity in the gastronomic experience is a must and Spanish cuisine moves from the most traditional recipes to the Michelin-starred chefs that introduce the latest trends in cooking.

Spain, in a few words, can be defined as a genuine journey through the senses.